The 20th — Anniversary of the Independence


In the second number of October in the first hostel of the Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiarov a concert entitled «Тәуелсіздік – тұғырым «, dedicated to the 20th — Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
It were organized ArtykbaevAsem (responsible for the cultural sector) and Askarbekova Asel (chairman of the Student Council) directly involved in the preparation of the concert. Everybody was participated the first hostel, who wanted to demonstrate his talent in public. Those wishing to show himself on the stage were many, among them Gulnaz Nurbekova with the song «Жігіттің көркі жарменен » Akayev Zhaksylyk with the song «Сен келерсің» and the song «Буду» sung by Dinah Akysheva, Club of cheerful and Sharp-witted people by first hostel. And one of the brightest spectacles was «Қыз Ұзату», which reflected the traditions of Kazakh people. This concert was not only entertaining and also informative.  It was demonstrated a documentary film about how the Kazakh people went to their independence during the concert. The most active students were awarded with letters of thanks from the dean of general medicine R.T.Dzhumasheva, chief of the first hostel A.D.Zhanaeva and chairman of Askarbekova A.B.

After the concert the students waited for a disco. All the students were happy.



Student of general medicine faculty of 1 course G.A.Asylhanov