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We inform you that the School of pedagogical skills named after H.S.Nasybullina planned to corporate courses of the English language, the development of memory and speed reading at their own expense of employees. Learning English will be teachers KazUIR & WL ( teaching experience not less than 20 years) of Tamos Education, the class schedule will be drawn up at a convenient time for students . Training will be conducted in groups corresponding to the level of knowledge worker , defined on the basis of preliminary testing.

Durations at each level — 4 months . The number of students in the group — 10

people. Tuition based on corporate discounts — 15 600 tenge per month + 7200 tenge

training material for the entire level ( 3500 tenge Work Book & Students Book, 3200 tenge Grammar Book, 500 tenge CD).

The ever-increasing flow of information requires more employees effective ways of receipt , processing and storage ( processes of perception -processing , storage ) . In connection with this proposed training at the School of Teacher skill named after H.S.Nasybullina International School of fast reading «ISFR» (International school of fast reading) Discounted tuition more than 55%. In «ISFR» developed programs

tiered mastering the ability to extract and store as much information at minimal time . Proposed methodology for the study of foreign languages, as well as training for storing geographical, historical , and other names , different dates and numbers. International School of speed reading has existed since 2000 , has a branch in Astana .

Each level improves certain abilities — memory, vertical, diagonal and other reading methods . At the end of each level a certificate is issued .

Full training program consists of six levels. Duration of one level — 1 month . The cost of each level -18 000 tenge ( 8 sessions per month to 2 times a week duration of 2 academic hours ) . After completing all levels can be read 5-20 times faster, more fully and deeply absorb any information. Record of fast reading graduate school — more than 22 000 words per minute.