University of Tsukuba and Ritsumeikan University (Japan) visited our University


On September, 19 delegations from QS Top 500 Universities — University of Tsukuba and Ritsumeikan University (Japan), visited our University.


From the side of our University meeting were attended by Department Director of educational and methodical work – Abirova M.A., Dean of General Medicine  faculty- Zhumasheva R.T., Dean of Pharmacy faculty — Datkhayev U.М., Director of Pharmacy Department – Ustenova G.O., Dean of medical preventative care faculty – Sattarov A.I., Director of basic medical sciences academic department — Kamaliyev М.А., Dean of healthcare and  pharmacy management faculty — Ivanchenko N.N., Vice Dean of dentistry faculty- Kusmoldayeva Zh.N., Serik Meirmanov – Visiting Professor from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, representatives of surgery department, Head of International Cooperation Department- Abdrasheva D.M. and etc. University of Tsukuba delegation consisted of professor of medicine faculty — Shibuya Akira, junior professor of medicine faculty — Morikava  Kadzuya. The meeting was attended by Coordinator of Japan language courses — Mizutani Harunobu, and head of administration office of Kazakh-Japan Center – Ismailova Assel as well.


Following issues were discussed: establish partnership, participating in University Days 2012 professors from University of Tsukuba, conducting joint international research possibility, inviting University of Tsukuba professors within visiting professors program, students exchange on postgraduate level including Public health specialty, in turn University of Tsukuba representatives suggested PhD in Human Biology program for our learners,  on which they can accept 3 PhD students, where 2 of them can get University scholarship, by the entrance examinations and academic achievement results.


During the meeting with Ritsumeikan University representative – Tanaka Kiyoko, assistant administration manager, KazNMU attendees are Public Health School representatives, Dean of Pharmacy faculty — Datkhayev U.М., Dean of healthcare and  pharmacy management faculty — Ivanchenko N.N., Serik Meirmanov – Visiting Professor from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University.


Following issues were discussed: students exchange on postgraduate level according to the next scheme – 1 semester in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, 1 month in Ritsumeikan University, by the end of semester a student is given transcript and a certificate. Research projects – master and PhD students visit  Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University with the aim of conducting research with the duration up to 1 year, MoU prolongation issues. Our University invited Ritsumeikan University students to take part in International Students Forum «D.O.C.» (Development. Opportunity. Cooperation.), and professors to participate in University Days 2012.