Valeology module



The valeology has been taught since 1995. Since 1995-1996 academic year, valeology has been introduced in the curricula of all faculties of the University, created a separate course, and since 2001 is included in the national standard for training of medical staff in the Universities. Independent course valeology in KazNMU was officially established at the Department of normal physiology in 1998.

Course was charged by professor  valeology Satpayeva Kh.К — the founder of the discipline valeology KazNMU and prof. Abisheva Z.S. Currently the head of the module valeology is c.m.s. Aykhozhaeva M.T.

 A scientific-consultative and methodical-educational interuniversity «valeology centre» was opened in January 1998. Training manuals on valeology in Kazakh and Russian languages for students of medical and pedagogical universities, 15 brochures of so called «library of health», materials of the First Republican of «Valeology — the scientific basis of health of the population»scientific-practical conference  (1994)were published. During 2002-2003 and 2009-2010 academic years, standard program was prepared and adopted. For many years, due to  the financial support of the international «Bobek»children’s Fund, research on the effect of P. Ivanov’s “Detka” body system was conducted. Results of the study researches reflected in the reports and 770 publications of at scientific conferences. In December 2011, the module organized and held the Republican scientific-practical conference dedicated to valeology course founder – Satpayeva Kh.К., and materials of the conference «Actual questions of physiology, medicine and education» were published. In 2014 by teachers was published educational-methodical manual in english  «Valeology — the science of health». Staff  of the module  was published 7 monographs. The module has done 2 scientific projects in the directions «Health of Students» (by the grant of  D. Soros) and «by Immuno-hormonal adaptation of system a mother-placenta-fetal in perinatal hypoxia»  (with Institute of human physiology and animals).

The professorial — teaching staff of the module developed and implemented in the educational process modern interactive teaching methods (TBL, press conferences, discussions, round table, role play, etc.) and received 12 acts implementation.

        In September, 2012 in KazNMU the ceremonial opening of the center of «Life sciences» of a name, d.n.s.  honourable professor, the honored worker of science of  RK H.K Satpayeva.

       Now 3 professors, 3 senior teachers, 3 teachers work at the module of valueology.