Visiting-professor Juliet Draper’s master-class events in the Center of Communicative Skills named after Juliet Draper


On 4,December — 8,December, 2012 visiting-professor Juliet Draper held master-cl ass events on the topic  “Training of communicative skills experts in medical treatment”.

Dr. D.Draper, PhD is an expert on the problems of communicative skills in medicine. She is also the author of the first communicative spills text books  “Teaching and learning Communication Skills in Medicine ”,”Skills for communicating with Patients” (2005) which have been republished not once and are used now in universities all over the world.

Beverly Deen, professional actress, simulate patient and trainer for simulate patients in the sphere of communicative skills (Cambridge University, Great Britain).

There were about 100 participants, among them lecturers from the Department of communicative skills, basics of psychotherapy, general and  medical psychology, lecturers from the Department of psychiatry, psychotherapy and narcology, probationer-lecturers, resident doctors, University administration members,  teachers psychologists from Kazakh State Women  Pedagogical University and others. The participants of the events discussed such questions: problem causing communication in the spheres of education and medical service; some specific problems in teaching communicative skills as well as how to train experts who teach communicative skills using interactive methods of teaching (role playing, simulate patients, video-feedback, etc.)

Beverly Deen managed to hold the training for the group of simulate patients from the Center of Practical Skills of KazNM, named  after S.D. Asfendiyarov.

At the end of the event Prof. A. A. Akanov, Rector of KazNMU and Prof. M.A.Assimov, Head of the Center of Communicative Skills, presented  Dr.Juliet Draper with Certificate about assigning the Center of Communicative Skills to Juliet Draper.

The staff of  the Center of Communicative Skills together  with the guests from Cambridge University discussed plans connected with their concerted development and teaching and training experts in the field of communicative skills; plans about cooperation in methodological resources elaboration, etc.