We celebrate the Anniversary

In the frameworks of 80th Kazakh Medical University named after S.D. Asfendiyarov from 28 June until 2 July 2010 was hold international master-class “studies on mistakes: patients safety rising with simulation studying help.

Ilya Shehter, a technical director of Patients` safety Center from Jackson`s  hospital (University of Miami, USA) was invited for master-class holding.

Master-classes’ include the following queues:

  • Patients` safety problem Introduction;
  • Patients` safety treatment sources;
  • Patients` safety care general (fundamental ) principle’s (SPEEP 2001);
  • Analysis unfavorable result;
  • Simulation studying Introduction;
  • Opens more information about clinical mistake;
  • teem work, hospital infections and invasive manipulation;
  • Mistake in medicine treatment;
  • Patients` safety rising methods.

Representatives  from region of department control of quality medical and pharmaceutical activity, regional hospitals, medical universities, teaching clinical centers take parts in master-classes`. Practical part of master-class was holding on base from KazNMU Simulation center.