Improvement of technological processes as a way to improve the rehabilitative care for children

28 Sep 2011

Priority dimension of the Republican children’s rehabilitation center activity is to provide high-tech rehabilitative care to children with disorders of nervous, musculoskeletal and endocrine systems.

Rehabilitative care quality improving should include the processes of informatization and modernization of sophisticated healthcare to meet the needs of patients in skilled care.

As international experience shows, medical technology refining is based on instrumental, hardware, software, pharmacy provision. This is a common process that combines intellectual potential of various profile specialists and medical equipment.

Despite of great variety of used lines of medical technologies development there have been isolated sections closely related to the priorities of our center. This is medical rehabilitation, psychological and pedagogical correction and social adaptation.

A unique program complex has been embedded in practice in the Republican children’s rehabilitation center as a new organizational technology that brings together information system of the National medicine holding and its affiliated organizations (total 6).

Commissioning of a single information database will automate statistical recording and reporting forms, increase the speed and reliability to obtain the necessary information.

The most important direction in quality improving is to increase the role of research and elaboration.

Introduction of contemporary technology is an indispensable precondition for quality raising and level of rehabilitative care and radically change methodological approaches to the rehabilitation process. All the conditions are prepared for professional and creative development of all profiles specialists in the Republican children’s rehabilitation center.


Совершенствование технологических процессов, как способ улучшения детской реабилитационной службы
Ш.А.Булекбаева, А. Абдрахманова, Ш.. Оспанова, Ж.Р. Daribaev, Л. Джумаева.

В работе говорится, что внедрение современных технологий является одним из неотъемлемых условий повышения уровня и качества оказываемой реабилитационной помощи.



Мақалада жаңа технологияларды еңгізу арқылы оңалту көметін сапасын арттыру.

Improvement of technological processes as a way to improve the rehabilitative care for children

Sh. Bulekbaeva, A. Abdrakhmanova, Sh. Ospanova, Zh. Daribaev, L. Dzhumaeva

Republican children’s rehabilitation center, Astana





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