Some aspects of quality of medical care in the republican children’s rehabilitation center

29 Sep 2011

For successful holding of National accreditation in all medical institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is held scientific research in the area of medical care quality and quality of its estimation.

The medical care quality includes a whole complex of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures, implementation of which helps to reserve and strengthen the patient’s health.

One of the main dimensions of the quality improvement is relieve of medical care organization. Ongoing medical care quality management by monitoring obsolete. It is time of conscious approach to permanent improvement of medical care quality by introducing a system of continuous improvement and monitoring activities self-esteem and self control. In this sense the Center (RCRC) is not exception. In the Republican children’s rehabilitation center a package of measures is held, which includes along with the medical, psychological – pedagogical and social rehabilitation. The Republican children’s rehabilitation center perform next tasks:

  • · Knowledge assessment, skills and experience of pedagogical and social workers by analyzing the activity, competition, etc.;
  • · Patients’ contentment with provided rehabilitation services is regularly learnt;
  • · Conducted analysis of defined inconsistencies and ways f it’s elimination;
  • · Created conditions for scientific, innovational activities and self improvement of all specialists in the center.

With the purpose of eventual result of medical care improvement provision it is necessary to refine rehabilitation service in health care system.

For medical care quality improvement it is necessary to elaborate and implement the mechanism of social quality control of therapeutic, prevention and pharmaceutical activity and biomedical researches actively involving members of professional medical associations into the process.


Некоторые аспекты качества медицинской помощи

в республиканском детском реабилитационном центре
Ш.К. Оспанова


Для успешного проведения Национальной аккредитации во всех медицинских учреждениях Республики Казахстан ведется научный поиск в области качества оказания медицинской помощи, выбора методов его оценки.


Республикалық балалар оңалту орталығындағы медициналық

көмек сапасының кейбір аспектілері
Ш.К. Оспанова

Мақалада Қазақстан Республикасы медицина ұжымдарының Халықтық аккредитациясынан нәтижелі өту үшін медицина көмегін арттыру мақсатында ғылыми ізденіс жүргізу.

Some aspects of quality of medical care in the republican children’s rehabilitation center

Sh.K. Ospanova

Republican children’s rehabilitation center, Astana





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