Committee on youth affairs

Committee on youth affairs is a social students subdivision of KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov. It’s a voluntary union of students. Its main activity is directed for realization of youth politics in the sphere of civil-patriotic and moral education. The main tasks of this committee are the followings:

  • realizing youth politics and developing measures for its realization
  • propaganda of healthy mode of life, patriotism, morality
  • forming active life position, skills of self-managing university processes, social affairs
  • cooperation with rector, pro-rector, deans, department on educational work, heads of the departments on KazNMU problems solving
  • establishing sense of social  justice, healthy moral-psychological climate

The main trends of the Committee are the followings:

Department of university patriotism developing “I am a patriot … ” in its work acts in accordance with ethics principles,  Honour code of a teacher and a student, confirmed by KazNMU Academic Council.

A student develops sense of pride, love, devotion and deep respect to motherland, State symbols of RK and forms corporative culture, knowledge of traditions, achievements, history of the university .

The department forms tolerant attitude to the representatives of all nationalities and international friendship in the university students.

Efforts of the department are directed for propaganda of interethnic concent and ethno-cultural tolerance among youth, for improving mechanisms of interaction with ethno-cultural unions, studying state language by Kazakhstani citizens not depending on nationality.

The main work of the given department is to interact with students’ hostel boards. For realizing youth politics the constant work on improving living conditions in students’ hostels is performed and necessary help and social service to students are rendered.

Efforts of this department are directed for cooperation with youth organizations within the university as well as with city, oblast, republican social organizations, political parties, youth organizations of foreign countries. The department carries on systemic informative educational work with youth, promoting to production of positive information telecasts, shows, films, publications.