Contact Information

Director Department of Clinical, MD, professorA.V. Balmukhanova

cabinet № 243 phone: 3387084,


Division of the coordination of medical and diagnostic, preventive work

Тhe head – S.Zh. Kasymova

the chief specialist M.B. Sadvokasova

the leading specialist A.A. Kadirbaeva

Methodist D.B. Zhumagulova.

Division of monitoring and control of the clinical bases (including regional).

the head – A.K. Mussina

the chief specialist — G.N.Askhanova

methodists -G.I.Usenbayeva, A.T. Nurkasymova.

Address: Street. Tole number 86, in the classroom building housing 2 cab floor :№ 116, № 117

phone: 338 -70-90 (7242,7243,7244,7245)