Department of Clinical Affairs

Department of Clinical Affairs                                                    1

Department of Clinical Affairsis an independent unit, was established by the Rector Order №6487 of 20.11.2013 based on the decision of the Academic Council.At the present time the Department is directed by professor, Corresponding member of the NAS RK A.V. Balmukhanova.

The main goal of the Department is to coordinate medical and counseling activities of clinical departments on the bases and clinics of the University, including regional, monitoring and coordination of health services for students and professor-teachers staff, providing of training practice for students and interns.

Priority directions of activity of Department of Clinical Affairs are:

  • organizational and methodological work on the interaction of clinical departments and clinical bases;
  • analysis of the medical-consultative work of clinical departments and medical units;
  • organization of medical and consultative help to practical health care as needed (visiting medical teams, charity of the professor-teachers staff, etc.);
  • monitoring of medical and counseling activities of the clinic of the University; preparation of annual reports of medical and consultative work of clinical departments of the University;
  • complaints of citizens on the quality of medical and consultative work of clinical departments;
  • monitoring for medical support of University students and conducting of preventive examinations and vaccinations of University students;
  • analysis of the medical and consultative work of clinical departments and medical units of university hospitals;
  • organization of outside practice of interns and trip of residents due to dual format of training.

The highest authority of the Department of Clinical Affairs is a Clinical Council, which is reviewing and considering innovative clinical issues, implementation of clinical protocols in the educational process, as well as the provision of highly specialized medical care by the staff of KazNMU.

Clinical activity at the university KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov — a unique combination of practice, education and science, which is to prepare of highly competitive medical staff of the new generation on the basis of the formation of the special environment of mutual co-operation of teachers, students and employers; introduction of innovative technologies in all areas of the university; striving to ensure the competence approach in education and continuous professional training throughout life, which is also one of the most important directions of the State program «Salamatty Kazakhstan».

University, according to the Order №157 of Ministry of healthcare and social development, uses 108 medical organizations of the city on the basis of contracts as a clinical base. According to these contracts, the clinical bases are jointly and severally liable for the quality of training of future specialists, providing satisfactory classrooms, providing students access to the patients and modern diagnostic equipment.

The professors and teachers staff in accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Healthcare and social development of RK № 628 of 11.09.11, are actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, consultations and operations. Leading specialists of the University take part in the work of hospital boards, put into practice the latest achievements of medical science. The teaching staff of the clinical departments, doctors of the university clinics are highly qualified specialists in their field, have certificates to conduct medical activities and qualification categories. On the clinical bases, professors and teachers staff of clinical departments carry out diagnostic manipulations, treatments, surgeries, introduce developed medical technology, thus combining patient care and training of students in health care facilities in Almaty.

As part of the dual format of training and employment of young specialists were concluded the agreements on cooperation between the university and the departments of health care of Astana and Almaty, Almaty, Zhambyl, Atyrau, Mangistau, North Kazakhstan, West Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan , Karaganda, Pavlodar, Kyzylorda areas. These arrangements allow conducting of outside practice for interns and residents, as well as the possibility of selecting potential employees by employers. Under this agreement: doctors working in medical institutions raise their professional level by master classes, workshops, lectures, conducted by the staff of the university.

In order to organize and provide effective training practice for 4th course students of the Faculty of General Medicine, Department of Clinical affairs signed contracts with medical and consultative institutions: 15 — Almaty, 13 – South Kazakhstan, 7 — Zhambyl and 4 — Kyzylorda areas.

Professor and teachers staff in cooperation with Republic Center of Healthcare Development took part in creating and implementation of clinical protocols for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. At present time cooperation and interaction with leading world universities and medical centers is developing. Due to this cooperation professors and teacher staff had a chance to update their skills on master-classes of foreign specialists, develop modern directions of clinical activity and do high-specialized medical care in university clinics and other base medical institutions.

A lot of work was done to assist to the practical public health:

  • participation in expert committees on the facts of complaints of citizens in the Department of Control committee of medical and pharmaceutical activity in Almaty and region, NGO «National Medical Association», Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty and Almaty region;
  • The organization of teams of doctors among professors and associate professors of different specialties to provide charitable assistance to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in hospitals of Taraz, Kyzylorda, South Kazakhstan region, Almaty region and other regions.

The structure of the Department of Clinical Affairs includes:

  • Division of the coordination of medical and diagnostic, preventive work
  • Division of monitoring and control of the clinical bases (including regional).


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