Office Registrator

Asfendiyiarov Kazakh national medical university
1st floor, Academic building №7
8(727)3387038, inner phone number 75-10, 73-55, 75-11, 75-12, 79-54

The registrar’s office is a structural subdivision of S.D.Asfendiyarov KazNMU which registers the entire history of educational achievements of the student and ensures the organization of all types of knowledge control and calculation of his academic rating.
The purpose of the Registrar’s Office is to record the movement and register the educational achievements of KazNMU students.
These goals and objectives are achieved by:
• Updating of the automated database in order to obtain accurate and timely data providing support to students in all areas of training;
• Improving the quality of statistical reporting and timely submission to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Health:
• Drawing up a statistical report form 3-NC, 1-NC;
• Preparation of responses to various internal and external requests for the contingent of students;
• Preparation and approval of student orders;
• Printing of the department’s teaching staff statements and timely import of grades into the transcript of students, issuance of transcripts, printing of diploma appendices;
• Preparation and transfer of personal files of graduate students to the departmental archive of the University;
• Continuous participation in the development and analysis of academic regulations and procedures;

Composition of the Registrar’s Office

Full name Post phone number Email
1 Набиева Гулназ Социаловна director 75-10 [email protected]
2 Тастанова Назерке Еркінқызы chief specialist 73-55 [email protected]
3 Кунанбаева Мадина  Мухаметовна chief specialist 73-55 [email protected]
4 Джанбауова Динара Батырбековна specialist 79-54 [email protected]
5 Жаксыбаева Маржан Абутханқызы specialist 79-54 [email protected]
6 Медеуова Жадыра Алимбаевна specialist 75-12 [email protected]
7 Мукаметбаева Гулнара Избасаровна specialist 75-12 [email protected]
8 Мырзағалиева Бахытнұр Қайырбековна specialist 75-12 [email protected]
9 Нурдилданова Балауса Ерденовна specialist 75-12 [email protected]
10 Омарбекова Ляйла Әбділқызы specialist 75-11 [email protected]
11 Сагатбекова Майра Сериккалиевна specialist 75-11 [email protected]
12 Тунгатарова Айгерим Жанайбековна specialist 79-54 [email protected]
13 Тұрарова Гульнур Нурмуханбетовна specialist 79-54 [email protected]
14 Ілан Сымбат Қаниятқызы specialist 79-54 [email protected]