Department staff



Nurakynova Sabina Talgatovna

Position: Head of the Department

Academic degree: Master of Medical Sciences

Tel: 338-70-45; extension: 7045

email: [email protected]













Begalina Ainur Begaliyevna

Position: Leading specialist

Tel: 338-70-45; extension: 7044

email: [email protected]

















Babayeva Akerke Sabdenaliyevna

Position: Leading specialist

Tel: 338-70-45; extension: 7045

email: [email protected]















Kamaubayeva Ainur Bolatovna

Position: Methodist

Tel: 338-70-45; extension: 7044













The main activities and functions of the department are:


  • Participation in the improvement of internal documents regulating the University’s strategic activities;
  • Monitoring of the effective functioning of systems of strategic planning in pursuit of aims and objectives;
  • Development of new directions; development and implementation of high-quality long-term programmes;
  • Submission of proposals to the University management on the development of mechanisms to encourage and motivate the staff to effectively address the University’s strategic objectives ;
  • Analysis of summary reports of departments within the frame of implementation of the strategic development;
  • Control of the timely provision of materials by departments needed for monitoring of the implementation of the strategic development of the University;
  • Monitoring summary reports of departments and analysis of the causes of failure to implement the events on implementation of the University strategy, and making recommendations to overcome them;
  • Joint organisation with the heads of departments of regular internal audits and adjustment of the current activities of the strategic development of the University;
  • The department also implements other functions determined by the current legislation, internal regulatory documents, organisational and administrative acts of the University administration directly related to the aims and objectives assigned to the department



Contact details of the Department of Strategic Planning:

Address: 94 Tole bi Street, Almaty, 050012

Tel: 338-70-45; extension: 7045, 7044

email: [email protected]

Location: KazNMU administration building, floor 2, office 229

Work schedule: 9:00 — 18:00

Lunch time: 13:00 14:00