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Code Name School/faculty Type
7R01102 Rheumatology, including children`s Faculty of postgraduate еducation Current
7R01103 Allergology and immunology for adults, children Current
7R01104 Adult, children’s gastroenterology Current
7R01124 Adult oncology Current
7R01130 Pediatrics Current
7R01131 Neonatology Current
7R01137 Neurology, including pediatric Current
7R01139 Therapy Current
7R01145 Prosthetic dentistry New
7R01146 Pediatric dentistry New
7R01147 Orthodontics Current
7R01150 Hematology (adult) Current
7R0114 Clinical pharmacology Current
7R01133 Medical Genetics Current
7R01136 General surgery Current
7R01124 Oncology adult Current
7R01160 Oncology and Hematology for children Current
7R01127 Ophthalmology, including pediatric Current
7R01138 Family medicine Current
7R01141 Emergency and emergency medical care Current