1Quality Management System (QMS) introduction process in S.D.Asfendiyarov Kazakh National  Medical  University  (KazNMU) started under the order of the rector № 191 а from  9/5/2005 with a view of realization of the President of Republic Kazakhstan order from 3/4/2005 № 528 “About a national measures plan on realization of the Head of the State’s Message to people of Kazakhstan” from 2/18/2005: “Kazakhstan on a way of the accelerated economic, social and political modernization”. Division of QMS has been organized, the package of obligatory documents has been developed by KazRegconAsia consulting company, certificate NQA has been received by the NQA Russia company № 21225, with validity from June, 14th, 2006 till September, 14th, 2009.

In connection with:

— necessity of «Concepts on management systems development in Republic Kazakhstan till 2015 » realization, where the task before all educational establishments is set to introduce QMS till 2011,

— signing Bologna declaration and ingoing in the international educational space

In 2010 the decision on repeated development and introduction QMS at university is accepted by new university management.





Stage 1. Assignment of the representative of a quality management (RQM) and responsible persons. In February, 2010 by the № 36 order of the rector Tabaeva A. chief of division QMS has been appointed the Representative of a management in the field of quality and has been authorized the development, introduction and maintenance QMS in-service state. In the same order it is mentioned about responsible on QMS assignment in each structural division.

For maintenance of effective interaction of all structural divisions in QMS questions Council on the quality, including all pro-rectors and the chief of QMS division is created.











Now Tabaeva Aliya Head of the Department of strategy management and development.


  In March, 2010 by the order of the rector № 82 20 internal QMS auditors are appointed.


Stage 2. Development of Policy in the field of quality and an the purposes establishment.

«The Policy and KazNMU purposes in the field of quality for 2010-2013” had been developed by QMS division joint with other structural divisions.  The Document is approved on the Academic Council on April, 27, 2010, was sent to all structural divisions and documentary acquaintance of the personnel is made. The basic directions on improvement of university activity are defined.



      Stage 3. Development of obligatory QMS documentation. In June, 2010 employees of QMS division and internal auditors was developed and approved by the Documentary qualities procedures order of the rector

     The documentary quality procedures:

—           «Documentation Management»

—           «Records Management»

—           «Internal audit»

—           «Management of discrepancies»

—           «Correcting and preventing actions»

—           » The Analysis by the management»

In November, 2010 employees of QMS division developed «The Management on Quality» which has been approved by the order of the rector № 671. In a management the cores business-processes of university are described, controllable parameters of processes and criteria of their productivity are defined:

  • Educational
  • Research
  • Medical-diagnostic
  • Improvement of medical workers and academic staff’s professional skill

Stage 4. Carrying out of internal audit. In June-October, 2010 diagnostic audit on conformity of activity of divisions of university MS ISO 9001 and to normative requirements is conducted

Stage 5. The analysis from a management. Results of internal audit are heard at the first session of Council on Quality in October, 2010, the Plan of measures on improvement of activity of university is made and approved.


Stage 6. The statement of «Regulations concerning Kaizen strategy of continuous improvement realization» on the Academic Council in November, 2010. With the purpose of activization of personnel involving of university in continuous quality improvement process of all kinds of activity «About realization of KAIZEN strategy of continuous improvement» Position has been developed and approved at session of the Academic Council on November, 4, 2010. For an estimation of the submitted Ideas for their utility and an opportunity of realization by the order № 21 from 1/18/2011 of the University Rector had been generated on a constant basis Working group which chairman is Akanov A. — the Rector of University.
        By Regulation «About realization of KAIZEN strategy of continuous improvement» monetary compensation is stipulated, in case of economic benefit for university the individual contract with the author of Idea is set up, where it’s conditions and a rate of commission is defined. As the department of a quality management system had been developed the certificate which is handed over signed by the rector to authors of the recognized and realized Ideas.

On results of sessions of Working group on realization of strategy KAIZEN recognized useful Ideas for introduction and realizations are transferred corresponding structural divisions.



Authors of realized Ideas KAIZEN


For submission of Ideas special forms for filling and a box for gathering Ideas are created, and also the electronic form of submission of ideas on a site of university is developed.


     5 Stage 7. KazNMU QMS Certification. In June, 2011 QMS division external audit of university was organized. External audit was spent by representatives of SGS company (leading auditor Mahmudov A., auditors: Sarbasov B., Suranchieva G.) from June, 2nd till June, 18th, 2011 in 31 structural divisions. As a result activity S.D.Asfendieyarov KazNMU has been estimated as meeting the requirements ISO 9001:2008 and the certificate of the international sample of SGS company, Switzerland (the certificate № HU11/5879 from June, 20th, 2011) have been given out and the present certificate is valid from June, 20th, till June, 19th, 2014.


6Stage 8. In October, 2011 for functioning and perfection QMS in KazNMU 18 internal auditors have been prepared and appointed.


Now 35 internal university auditors take part in carrying out internal audit of structural divisions.


Department of QMS spends a permanent job on training and improving of internal auditors’, university, department employees’ professional skill.


In November, 2011 jointly with «Public Health and Pharmacy Management» faculty was organized the Doctor Zigmund Bluvband (Israel) master-class, the president of the international group of companies «ALD», the lecture have been attended by post-graduate and undergraduate students, QMS faculties liable. 20 internal auditors were awarded certificates of participation of the Master-class on a theme «The Administrative analysis: Quality management «.


On the basis of the cumulated operational internal auditors’ experience the «Bases of a quality management in educational establishments» working curriculum for professional skills improvement of academic staff, heads of structural divisions, internal auditors (authors is prepared: Tabaeva A.A., Nuralieva U.A. 2012). The cycle of the personal computer is intended for teachers, internal auditors and heads of structural divisions of educational establishments. The primary goal of a cycle is formation of knowledge of a control system of quality in educational establishments and its roles in quality improvements of represented services. The program of a cycle contains also questions of strategic management, a basis of the international activity management in educational establishment.

Since March, 2012 on the basis of the S.D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU Center of post degree education «The Bases of a quality management in educational establishments» Cycle of professional skill improvement are regularly held by quality management system division.

Employees of QMS division and other KazNMU divisions annually take part in work of the International Forum on Quality supported by Akimat (local administration) of Almaty, the «Internal audit» master-classes.

Currently for control of the Policy and the purposes in the field of S.D.Asfendiyarov KazNMU quality realization, approved at of the Academic council session of 4/27/2010, carrying out of an internal estimation of performed work conformity and structural divisions’ document management, corresponding both normative and regulating requirements and requirements of consumers, annually are held internal audits of all structural divisions in a cut of the basic and auxiliary processes.

By results of internal audit the detailed reports on the basic and auxiliary processes are drawn. Reports and the Plan on whole university activity improvement are considered and confirmed on sessions of Council on Quality.





   The chief of department QMS,

             PhD Nuralyieva Ulmira


— Increase of a knowledge level and competence of the university staff in the field of a quality management;

— Work with the foreign organizations on rendering services on preparation of internal auditors and QMS certification.


    The basic purpose of activity of division is maintenance of functioning of a University Quality Management System (QMS).


    The primary goals of division’s activity are:

— QMS Conducting;

— The organization and carrying out of internal audits, assistance in — carrying out of external audits of the second, the third parties;

— Preparation and granting of the report on QMS functioning for the management analysis for Council on quality consideration;

— The process and system approach Introduction to university activity;

— Development of the project plan of university activity in the field of QMS and the control over execution;





For realization of the primary goals of division activity following actions are carried out:

1)  The Analysis of an satisfaction index of internal and external consumers of university: employees, entrants, students, graduates, undergraduates, doctoral students, employers;

2)  Carrying out of internal audits (definition of the reached level) all university structural divisions;

3)  Selection and training of university workers by the course of internal QMS auditors;

4)  Training and consultation of employees of university concerning a quality management;

5)  Improvement of professional skill of employees of a department and internal QMS auditors concerning a quality management, etc.




The manager of a department  Zhdanova  Tatyana;


Inspectors of a department: Kamaubaeva Ainur, Seisembai  Zhadyra;

The secretary of a department

Almenova  Gulim.


                                Contact data of a department of system of a quality management


The address: 050012, Republic Kazakhstan, of Almaty, Tole by street, 94

Tel: +7(727) 292-43-00, 292-69-69 int.111

e-mail: [email protected]

Administration, room 227

The schedule of work: (monday-friday) from 9:00 till 18.00

Break from 13:00 to 14:00