Indian center

The Indian cultural center have opened InКазНМУ by nameS.D.Asfendijarova. The Indian cultural center holiday opening for students took place on 3rd of December 2015 year in КазНМУ by name S.D.Asfendijarova. On occassionthere was rector Akanov A.A., the pro-rector on educational and educational workTulebaev K.A., director Abirova M.A.’s GIFT, partners, teachers and employees of university, as well as set of students.More than 600 Indian students studying at the university. They are actively involved in the activities of the university: singing songs, dancing incendiary dance, costumed children in national dress.

Under the supervision of the director of DivyаSunithа Raj (Indian company) have formalized the center «Indian culture». It is now at the university there is a small Indian island, a cultural center. Location: №7 classroom housing, 105 cabinet.