Institute for Development


1Director of the Institute of the University,

 Ph.D., Professor


The systematic policy on achievement of the international quality standards of medical education for the purpose of improvement of national health system is pursued since 2006 in RK. A number of the important concepts directed on achievement of global competitiveness of the university in education, science and clinical practice were accepted in KazNMU during the period from 2012 to 2014. The innovative division – Institute of University Development was created for the solution tasks of strategy development of KazNMU advance in the international educational space, to planning and providing quality management of all processes of university activity, accreditation and monitoring of educational process in 2013.Now the Institute unites Department of strategy and planning, Department of quality management system, the Center for monitoring, analysis of education quality and accreditation, that are key activities of KazNMU.

The aim of the Institute is to provide a stable dynamic development of the University on the basis of strategic management, social responsibility, integration and internationalization, innovation and leadership, support of talents and advance the academic and scientific potential of employees, development and enhancement of competitive advantages in providing high-quality educational services at all levels of medical and pharmaceutical education and delivery of health care, ensuring effective implementation of priority problems of state programmes in education and healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2Deputy Director of the Institute

of the University,

Ph.D., Professor


IUD is the developer and the co-developer of more than 20 conceptual offers and strategic documents: The concept «New approaches of formation of regular structure of AsfendiyarovKazNMU»; Concepts «KazNMU – university of the international level» for 2015-2020; The Concept of development of corporate culture in KazNMU; Definition of an index of satisfaction of students and interns quality of training in KazNMU;Program of KazNMU entry into QS WUR rating; Model of medical education of Asfendiyarov Kazakh national medical university in internship;Initiative of KazNMU accession to authoritative international Associations in education; The Offer on formation of «talking heads» group in KazNMU; The Offers on further autonomy of medical schools with development of the corporate forms of management and with attraction of employers to the university management; Vision of development of medical education in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2015-2020; The Unified form of the Program of total state certification; Implementation of the information project «Model of Medical Education of AsfendiyarovKazNMU» (the edition of the books devoted to the competence-based focused model of medical education) and others.


IUD staff, 2015.