About the Institute

The institute is a structural division of KazNMU which was created by Rector’s order on the basis of the decision of Academic council (the Protocol No. 12 from July 2, 2013) and it acts under the Charter of University. The institute is under direct subordination of university rector.

The purpose of Institute is ensuring steadily dynamic development of University on the basis of the following principles: strategic management, social responsibility, integration and internationalization, innovation and leadership, support of talents and increase of the academic and scientific potential of employees, development and enhancement of competitive advantages in providing high-quality educational services at all levels of medical and pharmaceutical education and delivery of health care, ensuring effective realization of priority problems of state programs in education and health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main objectives of Institute are:

  • Definition of priorities of University development, formation of policy, organization and coordination of development Program, and choice of instruments for its realization;
  • Monitoring of implementation of the Program of University development;
  • Development of long-term mutually advantageous strategic partnership with the leading foreign higher education institutions, medical and industrial enterprises, scientific centers and public organizations;
  • Control of compliance of University activity to the ISO 9001 international standard requirements;
  • Methodological maintenance of University participation in international and national ratings;
  • Methodological maintenance of participation of University in the international, national and institutional, and specialized (program) accreditations;
  • Carrying out monitoring, researches in medical and pharmaceutical education;
  • The organization and control of development and deployment of the Program of personnel development to increase university teachers’ competences and to formreservepersonnel;
  • Coordination of reporting activities of University for realization of educational and health state programs.

The institute actsaccording to the following principles:

  • openness, transparency and continuity of education process;
  • unity of science, education and practice;
  • aspiration to the international standards.