Nassybullina center of teaching excellence

Nassybullina center of teaching excellence

 The Center is established by the decision of Academic Council (protocol #7 from March 29, 2011), the first name was “Faculty schoo”, then it was renamed the Nassybullina School of teaching excellence (protocol #11 from July 2, 2013).

Nassybullina center of teaching excellence provides a continuous systematic improvement of faculty competence. Also it actively cooperates with world recognized international experts in the field of medical education, with foreign universities and research centers on conducting workshops, symposiums, trainings and master-classes. The Center has the group of experts which was formed of leading KazNMU professionals. Its goal is development and deployment of faculty training programs in accordance with the  authorial “Model of KazNMU faculty competences” (Copyright certificate on registration of the rights for object of copyright #0064 from 2016.01.13, IP #003488).


Nassybullina center of teaching excellence is located in the building #1, it is 192 sq.m. It has the teaching class for 20 persons, conference hall for 38 persons, auditorium for 80 persons, computer room for 10 persons. All teaching classes have computers with internet access.


Ensuring teaching and learning effectiveness at all levels of medical and pharmaceutical education, professionalism and leadership achievement on the basis of introducing the Model of KazNMU faculty competences, partnerships and collaboration development with internationally recognized medical educational centers.


The center of excellence in medical education, effectively collaborating at the regional and international levels for the implementation of innovative training programs for faculty to ensure the implementation of the principles of the best teaching practice for quality improvement of medical education.


Nassybullina center of teaching excellence[email protected]

Rustam Yussupov – Director, phone 8/727/-338-70-85, internal 7025, e-mail: [email protected]

Aydana Shopalova – Methodologist, phone 8/727/-338-70-90, internal 7237, e-mail: [email protected]

Aidina Kadirbayeva – Expert, phone 8/727/-338-70-90, internal 7238, e-mail: [email protected]