The concept of CAJMSE

The concept of the international scientific journal

«Central Asian Journal of Medical Science and Education»


             Country well-being, life expectancy, quality of life, position at World market, national security to a considerable degree are determined by research and technical capacity of the state. In the Address to the nation, called “Social and economic modernization of Kazakhstan — main direction  for development of Kazakhstan» the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev underlined a need  to consolidate the science of our country, to expand innovative potential for  cooperation   between government, business and science.

            At present, it has become evident, that the development of medical science plays a pivotal  role in the formation of an effective system of Public Health Care and became  generating factor with significant influence on the different aspects of society. Research in the Public Health Care favours goal achievement in this field, also it enabled to appraise the effectiveness of its functioning. Development of medical science contributes to the rise of socio-economic level of the state not only through the new ideas, guidelines, products, but also by virtue of improving population health, its human resources ; by improving  human development index of the country.

              Medical science in the country is determined by the state policy, social requirements, which are formed under the influence of demographic trends, conditions  of the population health and national Public Health Care state , also determined by the level of state socio-economic development , by its research, technical and educational capability. Development of medical science at National level directly depends on government assistance, which should be directed to the development of research infrastructure and financing of National priority research projects of Public Health Care.

           Owing to successful passage to market economies, Kazakhstanis becoming more open for  international economic and research-technical cooperation. But, unfortunately, prestigious bibliographic databases such as Thomson Reuters, Scopus, Russian Science Citation Index do not include any of the National medical journal, thereupon at this moment it is necessary to establish own international medical journal.

          From 2015 Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University has launched new international scientific journal «Central Asian Journal of Medical Science and Education» published in English. The journal is an interactive platform for discussion of topical issues related to development of medicine, modern science and medical education. This journal cater for the wide audience of general practitioners, public health officials, scientists, tutors and students, also whoare interested in theory, practice and research in medicine. The founder is the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University. Journal is registered at the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic ofKazakhstan.

           Mission of the journal is the strengthening of the Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University’s public image in scientific and teaching community, second mission is to draw in cooperation talented local and foreign researches. «CAJMSE» called on to promote development of science and higher education’s informational background  both in Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

           The journal publishes articles that have scientific and practical value for a wide range of medical specialists and covers different areas of medicine. Also journal is collected articles of the tutors, students, professors.

        The journal publishes full-text original articles, reviews, lectures, practical recommendations for general practitioners, case reports and summaries of international congresses and conferences.

          The aim of the journal is a broad coverage of scientific achievements in the field of Public Health Care and medical education, and a formation of research and clinical ideology among the target audience. “CAJMSE” sets a goal to hand down  new ideas and results of research work performed by other universities and research institutions of the country to the largest number of scientists, including experts from allied fields; integration of the Kazakh scientific community into international scientific community .

               The long-term goal of the project is to become the leading science-conceptual, innovation journal of medical science and education in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Efforts of the editorial staff will be directed to the publications’ profiling on the basis of the specific needs of main groups of readership, to the adoption of kazakh scientific advancement and innovative technologies in the field of medicine and medical education.                              The commercial purpose of publication is to ensure journal’s economic self-sufficiency, to develop business capability, to obtain funds  and increase the commercial status of the project .              


— Ensuring a highscientific andprofessional levels of publications in line with international standards;

— application of the Peer review principle to improve the quality of publications;

— expansion of the editorial staff and reviewers with the involvement of noted local and foreign experts;

— recognition at  international level;

— achievement of  citation index of the journal by the  high quality of published materials;

— achievement of the journal inclusion in internationalbibliographic databases;

— ensuring accessibility and openness of the journal for readers and authors in Central Asia (CA) and other foreign countries;

— promotion of the journal at the international and Asian markets;

— creation and development of the journal’s on-line version;

— involvement of authoritative authors to publish survey articles.

           Journal Concept

The journal publishes articles that have scientific and practical value for a wide range of medical specialists and covers different areas of medicine.

The journal consists of sections as follows:

  • Medicine
  • Pharmacy and Pharmacology
  • Stomatology
  • Public Health
  • Educational process

The newly established journal wouldplace advertising information related to its profile, for example  about scientific activities and publications of KazNMU and other higher institutes of Kazakhstan, signification discoveries and achievements in medicine and medical education etc.

Organization principles of activities

  • Articles from authors are received on free basis during the period of taking up its position;
  • Journal receives for publication articles in English language. In this article should be accompanied by abstract in Kazakh and Russian languages;
  • Journal receives for publication articles, referring to all field of medicine science;
  • The journal doesn’t receive articles for publication, having been printed before in other journals. There is a separate section for publishing articles for nurses (organization of science and practice for nurses);
  • All give materials should be prepared by authors in accordance with established, requirements;
  • Articles must be reviewed, edited according to international standards and checked on plagiarism;
  • Publications are full filled in queue sequence. Given materials must be urgent, should have novelty, scientific and practical significance;
  • The edition will be published in paper form, will have its website, all materials are rewritten periodically on the electronic Data Base and stored. It will provide the right protection for author’s of articles, published in the journal;
  • The lists of received articles are placed in the website of the edition. The list is re-stocked measurably in the journal;
  • Correspondence between authors and readers is full field electronically;
  • The authors of articles take all responsibilities for their publication. Journal edition doesn’t take any responsibilities before authors or the third persons or organizations for possible damage, provoking after publication. Editors have rights to withdraw a published article, in case of revealing infringements of somebody’s rights or generally accepted norms of scientific ethics. The author is informed about the fact of withdrawing the article by the edition.
  • The editorial board will be formed for the management of the journal. The editorial board will include 15 people (partly local famous specialists or half of the members can be from other countries). The editorial board sessions will take place 4 times in a year for defining development and concepts of the journal;
  • At least 10 reviewers will be invited from different countries, as well as local specialists.
  • It is planned to issue the journal 4 times a year; the first issue of the journal is planning in the second quarter in 2015 year.

The general guidance of editorial staff activities is full field by Science Counsel of KazNMU. The chief editor directs “CAJMSE” project and is responsible for the quality of published materials.

Functional responsibilities of the Chief Editor:

  • Develops the conception of the journal and presents it to Editorial Board co-ordination for further approval by Scientific Board of KazNMU;
  • Setting up the order of work and controlling fulfilment of edition functions, putting by the Charter;
  • Realization of planning and general management;
  • Follow heading advertisements and constantly improve rubrics in accordance with real fullness of the journal;
  • Participate in preparation of each item of journal “CAJMSE” taking decisions according to its fullness and context;
  • Conducting works with adjacent sections and departments edition development and promotion.

Functional responsibilities of deputy chief editor:

  • Providing edition issues on the level, allowing to preserve leading positions among analogous publications;
  • Checking preparation and publication article materials;
  • Defining necessary and effective information cooperation with different state, commercial and public organizations.

Functional responsibilities of issue editor:

  • Realization of efficient checking for timely fulfilment of printing enterprise orders, taken from editions;
  • Realization of receiving transferring materials to the edition and departments to the editions and departments in accordance with technological diagrams of edition promotion;
  • Referring to the printing-house materials, confirmed by the stamp. (issues for society);
  • Participation in preparation materials for conclusion agreements with printing out drawing of issues entrance.

Functional responsibilities of technical editor:

  • Realization of technical additional publications for providing their high quality polygraphic fulfilment.
  • Participation in developing artistic and technical designed projects;
  • In accordance with the character of edition defines more precisely the formation of the many script, checks its structure correctness (laying out sections, units, chapters and etc.) and subordination of headlines in the table of contents.
  • Carries out the size of the original edition, indicates the technich of type-setting. The order of illustration arrangement and designed elements of edition;
  • Prepares artistic and technical designer models of complex editions complicated formation of stripes (to chats, drawing, ornaments)
  • Checks the author’s authentic (original) illustrations aiming to establish possibilities of their usage for creation originals, suitable for polygraphic reproduction, and defines technological characterises of their manufacture;
  • Draws up technological additional specifications and checks appointed executions in term of polygraphical fulfilment of typing edition;
  • Checks and works up proof-reading re-prints values the quality of typesetting composition of each stripe and turn;
  • Checks maintenance of enterprises’ polygraphic requirements, established by specifications, gives corresponding directions in correcting mistakes, assumpted in typesetting and points shortages of technical design;
  • Processes proof-reading of testing re-print illustrations, sticks up them in order of numeration;
  • Removes infringements, caused when the editor changes to the text, collates the table of contents with the next, checks correctness of formation headings and their printed design, and marks sticks;
  • Checks and fills discharged Data Base of the edition;
  • Looks through the signal specimen, checks the quality of stamp, brochure making, binding and decoration works;
  • Takes measures in improving polygraphical fulfilment of the edition during circulation;
  • Designs orders and hands to the printing-house editorial originals, takes from the printing-house proof-reading re-prints, signal copies, checks their correspondence to the edition specification requirements (in case of infringement of these requirements technical editors returns proof-reading re-prints for additional correcting);
  • A technical editor checks handing over journal’s circulation;
  • Editing and correcting given information;
  • Checking information correspondence, distributed in correspondence thematic sections of internet site, with officially published text;
  • Controls placing information in site timely and properly;
  • Defines urgent information queuing its placing in Internet site and period of time, during which this information must be in the site.
  • Renewing and taking down the information placed in correspondent thematic sections of Internet site in time;
  • Prepares offers on modernization of structures and design changes of the site.