"Top-100" Leadership

In the society of political success of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the steps were done according to strategic plan of 2030 year where every student of any Higher Educational Institution  wants to help our University, according to general aims, to come out to  the International level not only for yourself, but for students’ future and other  Universities as well.  In working and progressing further the programme “TOP-100” was dedicated at Kazakh National Medical University named after S.D.Asfendiyarov.

Since the professor A.A.Akanov has started the leadership as a new  rector,  the most significant event  has taken place in a social life of students, now  they  have full rights to participate in managing the University, knowing, what nowadays’ demands are advanced.

The programme “Top-100”  has been started since 2009 year. Selected students for participation  are the best 30 students – leaders who joined for the aim  — development of KazNMU  and medicine of the country as well.

The programme consisted  of  realization of two stages – taking  training on leadership  and internship with getting knowledge.

The initiator of the programme was the rector of KazNMU – Aikan Akanovich and the supervisor is the professor  Nataliya Danilovich from  Canada who came by invitation.

There were six autonomous mini groups in the team,  the  names are “Beautiful minds”, “ L-square”,  “RNK”, “Samruk”,   “5th”.

We  met at seminars every week.  Nevertheless, besides there are a lot of  other tasks  were entrusted to every group, where they need to carry out  them.

The President of the Club was unanimously elected the student of the 5th course of Medical faculty  Ainakulov Daniyar, who proved to be an irreproachable leader, responsible, well-organized, brave, honest man, capable of being a leader not only the club  “Top-100” but the University as well,  representing the interests of both organizations.

The Vice-President of the Club is the student of the 5th course of medical faculty Kushpeleva Nataliya,  who is purposeful, responsible, communicative and she can convince people.

The Press Attashe  of  the  Club Zyabliskaya Maria – the student of the 4th course student of medical faculty, who has the ability to organize, to systematize, to negotiate competently and to work  with documents.

The second aim of this grandiose event was to show leaders’ features in different spheres. The internship provided students with work in different subdivisions of KazNMU on different projects, the selection and teaching of new participants “Top-100” as well.

The following tasks and projects were carried out by the members of the Leaders’ Club of KazNMU  “Top-100” :

  • taking a new selection of claimants of the programme “Top-100”
  • the Center of Career is formed where new opportunities are opened for graduates of the University
  • to familiarize students and graduates with medical competence
  • the members of the Club took part in theSecond  International scientific-practical conference “The Days of Universities”
  • the instructors of the First International Annual Winter School on theme: “Topical questions of Public Health” is organized by school of Public Health named after KH.Dosmukhamedov
  • participation in scientific –research work on problems of old age is organized by school of Public Health named after  KH.Dosmukhamedov
  • the questionnaire for opinion poll of the professors and teachers staff is prepared for getting objective information about students.