Model graduating student PT

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships


ON1 Comply with academic integrity and ethical principles, show communication skills, plan work, analyze results, make decisions on correcting mistakes, comply with legislation in the field of pharmacy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, engage in self-development.

ON2 To conduct chemical development of substances, to have an idea about the chemistry and technology of synthetic and natural medicinal substances.

ON3 Conduct pharmaceutical development of new drugs of synthetic and natural origin.

ON4 To be able to organize the process of manufacturing and producing medicines and medical products in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents and GMP standards, to conduct a feasibility study for chemical and pharmaceutical production.

ON5 Be able to apply the knowledge of mathematics, basic and engineering sciences in the development of projects of technological and instrumental production schemes, draw up technological and design documentation in accordance with the regulatory and technical documentation, participate in the development of projects for the creation of new and reconstruction of existing pharmaceutical industries.

ON6 To study the documentation of the pharmaceutical quality system, to participate in the planning and analysis of the activities of pharmaceutical organizations on issues of quality control, storage and transportation of medicines and medical devices.

ON7 Use network computer technologies, databases, software packages, carry out information processing using business software applications, comply with the basic requirements of information security.

ON8 To work with the scientific literature, to participate in the formulation of scientific problems and their experimental implementation, to participate in research and application programs, research projects and scientific conferences.