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ON1 — Observe academic integrity, principles of ethics and deontology, think professionally and make the right decisions; be able to analyze the results obtained, make responsible decisions, possess communication skills, plan work; engage in self-development; possess basic knowledge in the field of applied and fundamental disciplines that contribute to the formation of a highly educated person with a broad outlook and culture of thinking; comply with legislation in the field of areas of pharmacy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

ON2 — Predict and analyze the main economic indicators of pharmaceutical production; be able to organize the manufacturing and production of medicines and medical devices in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents and GMP standards; participate in the production activities of pharmaceutical organizations for the manufacture and production of medicines

ON3 — To carry out activities on the sale of medicines and medical products to wholesale and retail consumers, including preferential categories of the population; to participate in the planning and analysis of the activities of pharmaceutical organizations on quality control, storage and transportation of medicines and medical products.

ON4 — Apply marketing and information systems in pharmacy; analyze available and collected professional information of basic complexity; be able to identify sources of information necessary for the development of a particular field of healthcare and pharmacy

ON5 — Analyze and carry out quality control of substances and medicines in pharmaceutical organizations, evaluate and control the quality of medicinal plant raw materials and chemical and toxicological studies; carry out quality control of medicines using technological, physico-chemical, microbiological methods of analysis in accordance with regulatory documents (State Pharmacopoeia of the Republic of Kazakhstan, analytical regulatory documents, enterprise standards and others);

ON6 — Use modern information technologies; analyze the information received; solve standard tasks of professional activity using information, bibliographic resources, biomedical and pharmaceutical terminology, information and communication technologies and taking into account the basic requirements of information security;

ON7 — Be able to use computer technologies, databases, software packages, process information using applied software tools of the business sphere; comply with the basic requirements of information security

ON8 — Evaluate existing concepts, theories and interpret approaches to the analysis of processes and phenomena, identify knowledge gained within the framework of the studied disciplines; work with scientific literature, participate in the formulation of scientific tasks and their