Model graduating student

Model graduating student
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ON1 demonstrates the knowledge and understanding of the interdisciplinary aspect of healthcare research.

ON2 is able to acquire knowledge and skills of an applied nature in scientific, professional and educational activities in information technologies for organization and analysis of medical data, find innovative IT solutions for the management staff of healthcare institutions that meet modern requirements of digital healthcare.

ON3 is able to participate in the development of new IT products, to solve the problems of IT technologies in the healthcare sector based on scientific approaches.

ON4 uses the scientific information of IT-technologies to develop the field of digital healthcare and introduce new approaches.

ON5 integrates knowledge, copes with difficulties and makes judgments in conditions of incomplete or limited information in the contexts and within the wider (or interdisciplinary) areas related to the study area, taking into account ethical and social responsibility for the application of these judgments and knowledge; applies skills of professional communication and intercultural communication, oratory, the correct and logical presentation of their thoughts in oral and written form.

ON6 plans professional activities in the field of qualification in digital healthcare, based on current achievements of IT science and practice, uses methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis in medical and biomedical researches.

ON7 is engaged in professional growth, demonstrates the skills of self-analysis, experience for teaching at the level of higher education.