Professional internships of MBA

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships
Practical training

Amount of credits -8
Type of control-d/o
Internship practice is aimed at deepening the professional experience of the student, the development of General and professional competencies, checking his readiness for self-employment, as well as preparation for the state final certification. Practice is carried out at the final stage of training after the development of programs of professional modules, theoretical and practical training and is necessary for the development of creativity of the student.

Experimental and research work of the undergraduate, including internships and the implementation of the masters project (EIRM)

Amount of credits -30
Type of control-d/o
Obtaining new scientific results for fundamental and applied research in the field of health management; mastering the methodology of scientific creativity, obtaining the skills of research in the scientific team; mastering the theoretical and experimental methods of research of health management.