Model graduating student of Pharmacy

Model graduating student
Program passport
Mandatory disciplines
Elective Disciplines
Professional internships

ON1 to observe academic integrity, ethics, deontology, to think professionally and make the right decisions, to be able to analyze the results, to make responsible decisions, to possess communication skills

ON2 predict and analyze the main economic indicators of the pharmaceutical industry, take part in the production activities of pharmaceutical organizations for the manufacture and production of medicines

ON3 carry out activities for the sale of medicines and medical products to wholesale and retail consumers, including preferential categories of the population

ON4 use marketing and information systems in pharmacy

ON5 analyze and carry out quality control of medicines in pharmaceutical organizations, assess and control the quality of medicinal plant materials and chemical and Toxicological studies

ON6 to use modern information technologies, to work with scientific literature, to analyze the received information

ON7 to be able to use computer technologies, databases, software packages, to carry out processing, to comply with the basic requirements of information security.

ON8 participate in research and application programs