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Graduate model Program passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines


ON1- patient supervision: able to formulate a clinical diagnosis, prescribe a treatment plan and evaluate its effectiveness based on evidence-based practice at all levels of medical care;

ON2-communication and collaboration: it is able to effectively interact with the patient, his environment, health professionals in order to achieve the best results for the patient;

ON3- safety and quality: able to assess risks and use the most effective methods to ensure a high level of safety and quality of medical care;

ON4- public health: able to act within the legal and organizational field of the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in its specialty, provide basic assistance in emergency situations, work as part of interprofessional teams to implement the policy of strengthening the health of the nation;

ON5 research: able to formulate adequate research questions, critically evaluate professional literature, effectively use international databases in their daily activities, participate in the work of the research team;

ON6- training and development: able to learn independently and train other members of a professional team, actively participate in discussions, conferences and other forms of continuous professional development