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Learning Outcomes of the Undergraduate Program .

The graduate will be able to:

EO 1 Engage in medical practice, applying knowledge of clinical and biomedical sciences in providing quality patient-centered care.

EO 2 Interpret the results of clinical, laboratory and functional research methods at the stages of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

EO 3 Understand public health issues, including prevention and public awareness of common diseases

EO 4 H prescribe adequate treatment according to the clinical situation; provide emergency medical care, including first aid and resuscitation.

EO 5 Carry out the professional activities of a general practitioner, taking into account the laws, regulations and ethical standards adopted in society.

EO 6 Establish professional relationships with colleagues and the patient, work in a team to effectively perform professional tasks.

EO 7 Apply IT -technologies in the field of medicine for searching and critical analysis of information and skills in working in medical information systems.

EO 8 Apply scientific principles, methods and knowledge of evidence-based practice to solve clinical medicine problems and continuing professional development.