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Training and production practice: "Assistant Nurse "

Number of credits — 1
Type of control — Differential offset
Description : Educational and industrial practice gives the chance to students to fix knowledge, abilities and practical skills of the nurse received in the course of studying of disciplines.

Industrial practice: " Assistant surgeon", "Assistant physician" "Assistant pediatrician", "Assistant obstetrician-gynecologist"

Number of credits — 4
Type of control — Differential offset
Description : After completing the internship, the graduate will master basic practical skills and procedures, will interpret the results of clinical and laboratory research methods for the diagnosis and treatment of the main clinical symptoms and syndromes in the most common diseases of the internal organs, establish professional relationships with colleagues and the patient for the effective implementation of professional tasks.

Industrial practice: Emergency conditions.

Number of credits — 3
Type of control — Differential offset
Description : After passing the training practice «Assistant to the LUTS doctor» students will be able to professionally and qualifiedly examine the patient, provide emergency medical care; perform basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation; be guided by the standards of diagnosis and treatment; be able to communicate and work in a team; Communicate clearly and effectively with patients and relatives of patients.