Student Dean of Faculty of International School

Motto: Strength, Determination and Faith
What is SDF IS?
The first organization established for and of International students of KazNMU, working to give them the university experience they deserve.
SDF IS organizes competitive and live events, distributes information, and has numerous groups and societies under its wing.
Embracing Diversity: Our organization embraces the diversity of our student community, valuing and celebrating the unique backgrounds and traditions that each student brings.
Intercultural Dialogue: We facilitate open and respectful conversations encouraging students to share their perspectives, ask questions, and learn from one another.
— Cultural, Sports and Academic stimulation: Working all throughout the year, we organize events to that provide a platform to showcase every kind of skill and talent; be it sports tournaments, debates, quizzes, art competitions to vibrant cultural showcases and performances where students showcase their cultural heritage.

Volunteers group is a new initiative of community outreach, charity and volunteer work for students to gain experience and enhance their portfolios while working for a cause.
IT Group executes all technical support and covers photo-editing, videography, video-editing, web design, audio, and lighting. It plays a crucial role in marketing,design and back-stage technical support.
Sports group – one of the most dynamic groups of the organization, the sports group oversees all sports activities and conducts one of the biggest sports tournaments for International students of KazNMU every year – IGNIS.
Raqsa Dance Society, true to its name, is a place where dancers and creative minds find a home. The first dance society by international students, they weave together intricate choreographies that leave audiences spellbound and share culture and art through dance.
Renaissance Literary Society: The Renaissance Lit Soc is a safe space for all literature lovers, debaters, writers, readers, artists, and creative thinkers alike. Since its establishment, lit soc has organized events that were never seen before in KazNMU. Quizzes, debates, MUNs, open mics, round table discussions, competitions, and publications… the list is long.
SDF IS works under the Student Dean of International School – Lakshmi Mishra (5th course)
The organization is led by Ragini Shah (4th course)

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De — The in Dutch and Spanish
Mentors — Person who guides

Team DEMENTOR is a student organisation which comprises of international students of KazNMU. Working together for the welfare of International Students.

«Dementor» is a student organisation at the International Faculty of Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University, established in December 2021. The organisation aims to create a vibrant and inclusive student community by organising a range of events and activities. Additionally, «Dementor» provides academic support and assistance to students, helping them navigate their coursework and succeed in their studies. The organisation strives to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students, while also promoting academic excellence and personal growth. Through its diverse range of initiatives and programs, «Dementor» is dedicated to enhancing the student experience and creating a positive impact on campus.

• Dynamic
• Devoted
• Dedicated

Structure of Organisation
Team Dementor has
• Head – Ashutosh Pandey (4th course)
• General Secretory — Ashvini Kumar Sharma (4th Course)
• Vice head – Mukul Choudhary (4th course)
• Apart from this we have 100 + active members in different fields.
• This team’s objective is to provide student interaction,
• Helping students with academics, cultural and social activities.
• It organizes Olympiads, quizzes and seminars for students.
• We harmoniously work with students of each course.
• Our team organize many sports event and trips for student.
• Help student to understand universities curriculum and academic activities.
• We want to create KazNMU as a family not just a university who moulds our new comers of university.
• Main goal of Team is to increase student interaction which leads to personality development of students after interacting with different types and different nationalities.

What are the goals and responsibilities of the organisation?
Team ensures that all the rules of university are followed without any exception, and to make students feel like home far from home so that they don’t feel homesick and accept KazNMU as a Family to bound by bond.

What is the idea of the organisation?
The idea of the organisation is to increase social cultural and academic interaction between all international student from different nation and different culture.

Club Structure
1. Zenith Dance Club
2. Phoenix Music Band
3. Orphics Club [Interact & Academic Club] 4. DOPE Photography & Videography Club

Along with these clubs we have several talented content writers and content creators.
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