Visa and registration

Temporary residence permit in Kazakhstan under the new law is necessary for all who

lives in a rented apartment, in a hostel or in a hotel for more than 10 days;

stays in the home for free (for example, visiting relatives) for longer than 30 days;

he is on a long-term (more than 10 days) inpatient treatment in another city.

Required documents(for students who live in university dormitories):

ID card (copy and original)

Address certificate (you can get it from any Public Service Center in Almaty)

Certificate from the dean’s office confirming that you are a student of KazNMU

For guys to have a military ID or a certificate of registration with them

Copy of the referral to the hostel

Citizens residing in the place of temporary stay without registration are subject to administrative liability. Thus, staying at the place of temporary stay without registration for a period of 10 calendar days to one month entails a warning. After the month has passed, penalties of 7 MCI will be applied. Landlords who rent out apartments and do not register their tenants in them will also be brought to administrative responsibility. The fine amount will be 10 MCI.

If these violations are detected again within a year after the imposition of an administrative penalty, a fine of 20 MCI is provided.

Rules of compliance of a foreign student studying at KazNMU

Upon crossing the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a foreign person must register with the Migration Service of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty within 3 (three) calendar days. To do this, you must, upon arrival, within 1 (one) day, hand over your passport to the department for work with foreign students (hereinafter referred to as the Department). Have with you:

3 copies of your passport an

extract from the order that you are a student

Upon expiration of the visa, a foreign person is required 10 business days to submit the passport to the Department, and must have:

3 copies of your passport

a receipt of payment for student visa (Sberbank, address: Karasai Batyr — Muratbaev)

a completed visa application form (visa application form can be obtained in the Department)

photo 3×4 (1 PC.)

excerpt from order of what constitutes a student

Registration of a foreign person in rented accommodation is permitted only with the agreement of the landlord notarized. The agreement (original) is submitted to the department.

If there are amendments in the passport of a foreign person, namely, a change of last name or first name, or a replacement of the passport itself, then you must:

contact the department

with a certificate from the embassy confirming your identity

In the case of academic leave, a foreign person’s visa will be canceled for a certain period of time.

With a study visa, it is prohibited to engage in labor activity, because this entails administrative punishment, up to deportation from the country.

When leaving the country during the academic year for another reason, a foreign student must submit to the department a statement explaining the reason for leaving during the academic year with the permission of the supervising dean.

The invitation of a foreign student is issued by the department. To do this, you must:

submit documents to the email address

[email protected]

payment of the tuition fee, conclusion of the contract

order of enrollment

visa processing-after the order of enrollment

In case of an administrative offense, I take responsibility.

ATTENTION! We kindly ask foreign students not to leave Kazakhstan during the academic year unless absolutely necessary.