Financial Director

Iskakov Serikzhan Sagimzhanovich

Iskakov S.S. was born in 1966. He graduated with honors from the Almaty Institute of National Economy (1991) with a degree in organization of mechanized processing of economic information with the qualification of an engineer-economist and the International Academy of Business (2002) with an academic Master’s degree (MBA) in Corporate Finance.
Iskakov Serikzhan Sagimzhanovich has extensive practical experience in administrative, managerial and financial activities, has worked in the field of financial management for about 30 years, including more than 25 years in senior positions:
1991-1996 – Head of the Accounting Department for Intrabank Transactions of the Currency Department of the Information Technology Department, Administrator of Networks and databases of KRAMDS Bank OJSC;
1997-1999 – Deputy Head of the Correspondent Relations Department of Kazkommertsbank JSC
1999-2000 – Manager of the Financial Department of Kazakhtelecom JSC
2000-2001 – Head of the Banking Analysis Department of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC
2001-2005 years – Director of the Finance Department, Managing Director of Nauryz Bank Kazakhstan JSC
2006-2008 – Vice President, President of FA Alliance Finance LLP
2008-2010 – Director of the Financial Department of MAC Alliance LLP
2010-2012 – Director of the Financial Department of RBK Bank JSC
2012-2013 – Managing Director of Centras Insurance JSC
2014-2016 – Sales Manager of Kazakh-British Technical University
JSC 2016-2017 years – Financier-economist of Zharkent Fruit LLP
2018-2020 – financial consultant of UAB «Jusu vezimas».
Iskakov S.S. knows the legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regulating production, economic and financial activities, methodological and other materials related to the financial activities of the organization; the regulatory framework for the functioning and development of the organization, the development strategy, principles, content, forms and methods of organization, the state and prospects for the development of financial markets and product sales markets, the organization of financial work, the procedure for drawing up financial plans, forecast balances and budgets of funds, plans for the sale of products (works, services), profit plans; a system of financial methods and levers that ensure the management of financial flows; the procedure for short-term and long-term lending to an organization, attracting investments and borrowed funds, using own funds, issuing and purchasing securities, calculating tax and other mandatory payments, contributions; the procedure for allocating financial resources, determining the effectiveness of financial investments, rationing working capital; the procedure and forms of financial settlements, tax legislation, the basics of legislation on pension provision, standards of financial accounting and reporting; economics, organization of production, labor and management; accounting; computer equipment, telecommunications and communications.