Graduate Model

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FLO 1— Put into practice knowledge in the biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and socio-behavioral sciences, including generally accepted, evolving and constantly updated knowledge.
FLO 2 — Possess interpersonal and communication skills that lead to effective information exchange and cooperation with dental patients/their environment and medical professionals, including the use of information technology.
FLO 3 — Provide effective patient-centered care, including appropriate interventions aimed at diagnosing, treating and preventing common dental diseases in patients of any age.
FLO 4 — Use in professional activities dental equipment, apparatus, tools, filling, prosthetic and auxiliary materials to provide effective dental care to patients of any age.
FLO 5 — Provide emergency care if symptoms of life-threatening conditions / dangerous diseases are detected or promptly refer a patient of any age to a specialized specialist / hospitalize.
FLO 6 — Perform the professional duties of a dentist and demonstrate a commitment to ethical principles.
FLO 7 — Demonstrate the qualities necessary to maintain continuous personal and professional growth, continuous improvement of the quality of medical care based on continuous self-assessment and lifelong learning.
FLO 8 — To guide the legal and regulatory documents in their practice to ensure optimal medical care and the provision of safe dental care.
FLO 9 — Conduct research, implement the principles of treatment of dental patients and evaluate the results of treatment of their patients on the basis of scientific and evidence-based data.