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Requirements for the final results of the training program.

Competencies Learning outcomes of the program
1 Medical knowledge to put into practice knowledge in the field of biomedical, clinical, epidemiological and socio-behavioral sciences, including generally accepted, developing and constantly updated knowledge
2 Communications possess interpersonal and communication skills for effective information exchange and collaboration with patients, their families and medical professionals, including through the use of information technology
3 Clinical skills to provide effective patient-centered care, including appropriate and effective measures aimed at the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases
4 Professionalism: demonstrate commitment to professional duties and ethical principles
5 Personal and professional development to demonstrate the qualities necessary to maintain continuous personal and professional growth, continuous improvement of the quality of medical care based on constant self-assessment and lifelong learning
6 Regulatory knowledge


to act within the framework of the current regulatory and legal framework of the healthcare system and be guided by them in their practical activities to ensure optimal medical care
7 Research conduct research and analyze the results of treatment of their patients, evaluate and implement treatment principles based on scientific data