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Educational practice Introduction to the production of LP

number of credits -4
type of control — exam
Educational practice is focused on familiarizing students with the modern problems of the industrial production of medicines, consolidating practical skills in preparing finished dosage forms and studying the scientific and technical equipment of modern pharmaceutical production of finished dosage forms and expanding their range.

Manufacturing Practice: Industrial Medicine Technology

number of credits -6
type of control — differentiated credit
Practical training of students conducts training of qualified specialists. The purpose of the practice is the formation and development of students’ competencies aimed at consolidating the professional skills and practical skills of a pharmacist-technologist on pharmaceutical technology of medicines using the State Pharmacopoeia and other types of regulatory documentation.

Predegree Practice: Design and Production of Medicinal Plants

number of credits -10
type of control — differentiated credit
During the period of pre-diploma practice, the student collects factual material on the professional activity of the relevant practice base, source material on the thesis / projects. The results of the practice are used to write a thesis / project and are made out in the form of a diary and a report.