Graduate Model

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Graduate Model Program Passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines Professional practices

ON 1. Demonstrates a systematic understanding of the health care field in the area of ​​expertise and masters the skills and research methods used in the field;
ON 2. uses specialized knowledge to critically analyze, evaluate, and synthesize new, complex ideas that are at the cutting edge of health care;
ON 3. is able to conduct independent research and work towards scientific results, shows a strong interest in developing new ideas and projects leading to the emergence of new technologies in the field of healthcare;
ON 4. participates orally or in writing in professional discussions, publishes research results in international academic publications;
ON 5. generates ideas, predicts the results of innovative activities, promotes in the academic and professional context the technological, social or cultural development of a knowledge-based society;
ON 6. Demonstrates leadership, innovation and independence in work and learning activities in new contexts that require solving problems related to multiple interrelated factors;
ON 7. is able to communicate on topics in his area of ​​expertise with peers, the wider scientific community and society;
ON 8. demonstrates skills of self-reflection, a commitment to lifelong learning, and experience for teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate level.