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Graduate model Program passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines


ON1 diagnose pathological conditions, nosological forms and emergency conditions, part wish to set up a plan of laboratory and instrumental examination

ON2 Put clinical diagnosis according to ICD-10 , interpreting the diagnostic findings with taking into account the differential diagnosis.

ON3 Develop a treatment plan for the patient, timely provide emergency qualified and specialized medical care in acute conditions.

ON4 Conducts an allergological examination: specific laboratory (invivo and invitro) and instrumental diagnostics; evaluates the results of the survey.

ON5 Conducts immunotropic methods of treatment , specific therapy of atopic diseases, immunosuppressive, immunotherapy and replacement therapy.

ON6 Develops individual vaccination plans for patients with allergic diseases, and carries out the prevention of drug allergies in individuals with an allergic constitution.

ON7 Organizes and conducts educational programs (allergy schools), teach the patient the rules, the observance of which is necessary for successful diagnosis and treatment.

ON8 conducts preventive medical examinations, long-term monitoring of the course of the disease, medical examination, rehabilitation

ON9 Effectively interact with patients, their surroundings, colleagues, draws up all the necessary medical documentation, including electronic.

ON10 Effectively use international databases, participate in discussions, conferences and other forms of continuous professional development.