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Graduate model Program passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines


ON1.   To conduct a patient examination, differential diagnosis and formulate a clinical diagnosis.

ON2. Determine the treatment plan and management tactics in accordance with the clinical diagnosis, taking into account comorbidity and potential risks based on evidence-based practice.
ON3. To provide effective dynamic monitoring of patients with chronic diseases, taking into account self-management.
ON4.  To draw up and maintain medical accounting and reporting documentation, registers, documentation for medical and social examination, conduct an examination of the quality of medical care.
ON5. Interact with the patient, his environment, healthcare specialists as part of an interdisciplinary team to achieve the best results for the patient.
ON6.   To carry out preventive work among the population, to plan and organize work in the health system to implement the policy of strengthening the health of the nation.
ON7.   Compare legal, ethical, economic and regulatory aspects of national health policy with international practice.

ON8.    Synthesize information, summarize the data obtained, be able to communicate in the form of literary reviews, preparation of presentations and justifications for conducting scientific research.