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Elective subjects:

Emergency Neonatology

Number of credits – 4
The discipline forms the knowledge and skills for providing emergency care for life-threatening conditions of newborns and premature babies within the legal and organizational field of the Republic of Kazakhstan: choosing a safe and effective treatment taking into account potential risks, evaluating the effectiveness of treatment, predicting complications, issuing informed consent, conducting interviews, analysis critical conditions.

Early and late neonatal infections

Number of credits – 4
The discipline forms knowledge, skills of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of early and late infections in newborns, studies the frequency of various infections and modern methods of treatment and prevention, taking into account international experience.

Functional diagnostics in neonatology

Number of credits – 4
The discipline forms knowledge, practical skills, algorithms for constructing diagnostic studies for diseases of the lungs, heart, abdominal organs, central nervous system, skeletal system by the method of radiography, NSG, ultrasound, taking into account international experience and evidence-based medicine, working as part of interprofessional teams, which will allow self-development.