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Elective subjects:

The principles of genetic engineering biological therapy (GEBT) in rheumatology

Number of credits – 4
Discipline studies the basic mechanisms of innate and adaptive immune responses, aspects of the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases, the immunological basis of biological therapy. Generates knowledge on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of the main groups of GEBT, the complications caused by their use, methods for their correction. Determines the indications and contraindications for the appointment GEBT. Acquires skills in conducting biological therapy, monitoring the effectiveness and safety of therapy.

The management of rheumatic diseases in pregnancy

Number of credits – 4
The discipline forms knowledge and skills in providing medical care to pregnant women with rheumatic diseases. Studying the peculiarities of rheumatologic diseases in pregnant women, prenatal care, particularly care and the choice of tactics of treatment, prognosis and possible complications, the development of rheumatic disease during pregnancy and the postpartum period..