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Graduate model Program passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines


ON1 apply the planning and conduct skills of clinical, laboratory-instrumental examinations for patients with internal diseases

ON2 interpret inspection and laboratory-instrumental research data, make difdiagnosis and justify the clinical diagnosis of the therapeutic patient

ON3choose and evaluate safe and effective treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, considering the potential risks, the patient’s coorbidity of the therapeutic profile

ON4  to determine the indications and provide qualified emergency care at the internal disease clinic

ON5  to provide and maintain medical records, to carry out an examination of the quality of care for patients of therapeutic profile

ON6  to operate within the legal and institutional framework of  Kazakhstan’s health care system

ON7 able to effectively interact with patients, their environment and work with colleagues in multidisciplinary teams

ON8 to formulate and analyze scientific research using international databases, to draw up results in the form of publications and reports at scientific conferences