Events which hold for Independence Day International Medical school’s “who knows Russian?” competition


To make Russian language more fun; I.M.S dean’s office has arranged this competition to change the perspective on Russian language learning and making it more fun and interesting.

It was arranged and organized by Vice-dean” Gulazada Minolovna” , students dean and the tutors of the 1st,2nd and 3rd year.

The students were divided into 3 teams to ensure teamwork.

  1. Rajasthan Team
  2. Super challenges team
  3. Telugu titans Team

Who knows better!

The quicker the better was the rule of this part of the competition where each team had a paper with a list of words in English language and the students had to say the translation in Russian as the word is read out loud.

  • “It was amazing” Retish Harsha said /2nd year student.

The winner of this competition was the Rajasthan Team and took the main prize where the other teams took a mini prize for their participation.

**International medical school always take care of its students and ensure that learning is fun and that their students are the main part of their happy family