Informational letter


Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Kazakh National medical university ” named after S.Asfendiyarov

Scientific research institute on fundamental and applied medicine named after B.Atshabarov

Alumni Association  of KazNMU named after S.Asfendiyarov

Informational letter 

                                                              Dear colleagues!

The 1st International conference-exhibition«Topical issues of laboratory medicine of the XXI century» which has passed in 2011 — caused wide interest of experts in the field of laboratory diagnostics. By the order No. 10 of MH of RK from 09. 01.12 the action is included into «The plan of the main organizational actions of MH of RK on 2012г.» as Republican meeting «Topical issues of laboratory medicine of the XXI century».

We invite you to take part in work of Republican meeting with the international participation «Topical issues of laboratory medicine of the XXI century» which will pass on May 22, 2012, Almaty, Tole bi St., 94, administration of the rector «Fame Hall».

During meeting will be discussed: actual problems and prospects of development of laboratory medicine of our country, questions of formation and development of laboratory science and technology park, a condition and prospects of clinic-laboratory diagnostics in practical health care of Kazakhstan, the main directions of modern laboratory researches, introduction of innovative technologies in laboratory medicine.

Speakers and audience: representatives of MH of RK, leading scientists and experts of laboratory medicine of our country, the CIS, Israel, the USA will take part in work of meeting, and also the Kazakhstan companies delivering laboratory equipment. In the meeting program will be «a round table», performances and carrying out master classes and On-line  discussions  with experts of all regions of Kazakhstan.

Working languages: Russian, Kazakh, English. Materials will be published in the magazine «Messenger KAZNMU». Preliminary registration is necessary for participation in meeting. The demand and articles to send on an e-mail address: [email protected] with a mark «Laboratory medicine» till 15.05.2012 (inclusive) (Appendix 1).

Display at the exhibition: within action the exhibition of diagnostic aids and control, test systems, products of medical appointment, medical and laboratory equipment, a medical technology will be organized.

Travel expenses are providing sending side.


Requirements to article registration: articles (in a text editor of Word), drawings and tables go the separate enclosed files which should be called by family name of the original author (Latin letters with the indication of numbering of drawing or the table in article, for example «Ivanov, pic. 1», «Ivanov, tab. 3»). The volume of original article shouldn’t exceed 5 pages., Times New Roman a font 14 , through 1,0 interval. References to literature are provided in square brackets, number coinciding with number of quoted literature in the provided list is specified. Reductions of words, terms are deciphered at the first mention in the text. Information on article should include: name (capital letters), full name of the author, place of work of the author, phones, e-mail address. The summary is provided on Russian, Kazakh or English, the 10-15 lines and to consist from: names of article, initials and surnames of authors, text, keywords (6-8 words); font 14, line spacing 1,0; the summary text in the italics’, the name and a surname of authors — p/ bold. Articles should to send to e-mail: [email protected] (with a mark «Laboratory medicine»). Edition reserves the right to itself reductions or corrections of articles. The direction in edition of works earlier published or presented in other editions isn’t allowed.



Deadline is May 15, 2012. Article prices — 1500 tenge for page (for students and undergraduates for free). Payment for the publication and a registration payment of participants of meeting at a rate of 3 000,00 tenge is made by transfer to the address: ROO «Association of alumni of the Kazakh national medical university of a named after S.Asfendiyarov». It is necessary to send scanned version the receipt on payment for article to e-mail: [email protected].


Bank details:

Almaty Regional Branch № 139900 АО «Halyk Bank Kazakhstan»

Bank current account KZ666010131000122045

KBE 18


Bank RTN 600700622275

Bank OOP 307220090061

Adress: 480046, Alamaty city, Rozibakiyev street 101

Juridictional adress: Alamaty city, Rozibakiyev street 101

8 (727) 259-07-77

8 (727) 259-08-00



Appendix 1


The  participant of meeting with the international participation «Topical issues of laboratory medicine of the XXI century» (Almaty, «KAZNMU named after S.Asfendiyarov»  May 22, 2012)

First name, Family name (full version)
Current job
ZIP postal code


If you have any questions concerning participation in a seminar-meeting contact:

Andirzhanova Gulzira, Tokbalanova Laura

Contact ph./fax: 8 (727) 292-37-06, enter. 148

e-mail: [email protected]