KazNMU Press


KazNMU Press is a part of the University. It provides informational support to the university system of education, science and health.

KazNMU Press includes:

  • KazNMU Web-site — www.kaznmu.kz  Nowadays, KazNMU website consists of 13 independent websites administered by the KazNMU

Since the beginning of the academic year KazNMU website  was visited by 122,473 people from 116 countries around the world. The number of page views during this period is 438,681.

  • Monthly university newspaper «Shipager». The newspaper is published once per month in 1000 copies, and it’s internet version is posted on informational servers of KazNMU.
  • Quarterly university journal «KazNMU Vestnik». «KazNMU Vestnik» is recommended by the Committee on Oversight and certification in Education and Science of RK for publication of the results of dissertation research. It appears quarterly.

The journal includes 18 article categories dedicated to various directions of medicine.

  • Printing services

KazNMU Press aims to improve the image of the University indicators, increasing publicity and prestige of the University for scientific, educational and medical communities, further development of the brand among consumers, educational, scientific and medical services.