Medico-prophylactic faculty


It was founded in 2004. Training specialists is realized at 9 chairs on specialities “Public Health”, “Medico- prophylactic business” due to bachellor program. Credit technology with individual trajectory of teaching students, problem- oriented teaching, diversification of educational services on sharp deficient specialities have been implemented. The faculty educational scientific and publishing centres, integrated partnership on hygienic creating claster were developed, international standarts of CSP scientific practice were applied, complex medico- ecological programmes with international participation were worked out and carried out. The faculty is one of the basic elaborators of educational standart programes on “General Hygiene”, “Ecology”, “Medical Ecology”, “Radiation Hygiene”, “Military Hygiene” subjects and a number of Educational State Standarts of Republic medical schools. The results of scientific researches have been applied into practical public health in the form of legislative sanitary- hygienic normative documents.