Therapeutic consultive activity


RESCC “Stomatology and maxilla- facial surgery”, OCC, university clinic of inner diseases, 9 SRI, SC of Republican importance, therapeutic  preventive institutions of Almaty and Kazakhstan oblast centers are the KazNMU clinical bases of therapeutic, surgical, pediatric and stomatological profile (76) bases in total) (According to Republic of Kazakhstan government decision dated March, 2, 2010, №157).

Indices of theraputic consultive activity of KazNMU

Professorial teaching staff of the university takes an active part in carrying out «Open days» for veterans of the war and labour  on the base of a polyclinic for the participants  of the Second World War and «Open days» for children.

Out-door conferences were dedicated to the 80th  anniversary of the University in 7 oblasts. Leading specialists of  the University held 31 master classes on various pathologies, examined 800 patients, performed operations, delivered lectures for medical workers.

At the university since June, 2008 the program «Health of KazNMU students» is being fulfilled. According to this program the studying of students’ health is carried on in complex, the consultive part is carried out by the professprial teaching staff  of the university on the base of the Doctors  out-patient clinic, laboratorial — apparatus studies are performed at the Educational Clinical Centre. Since 2011-12 the program «KazNMU PTS’s health» is introduced. The purpose of this program is to preserve  and restore  the students’ and PTS’s health.

Internal medicine clinic leading clinic in kazakhstan in the field of internal diseases: hepatology, rheumatology, endocrinology

The clinic provides high-quality contemporary medical care with the latest technology in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of internal organsThe clinic is equipped with modern medical equipment of world manufacturers and offers a wide range of services.The clinic offers therapeutic and advisory services of leading rheumatologists of Kazakhstan. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the joints and spine, diffuse connective tissue diseases are being taken care of in the rheumatology department, which also defines the level of bone mineral density (densitometry). The latest advances of medicine are used in the treatment of rheumatic patients, including genetic engineering therapy.

In the department of endocrinology consultancies are being given on early diagnosis and hospital treatment of endocrine diseases to new technologies: tsitoki diagnostics and tsitokino therapy complications of diabetes, thyroid disease, the treatment of erectile dysfunction in endocrine disorders, infertility treatment of women and men Azoospermia

In the department of gastroenterology and hepatology there are integrated survey programs, including a special program of diagnosis of hepatitis and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. A wide range of laboratory tests, ultrasound, gastroscopy, Colonofiberscopy, fibroscanning, if necessary — a liver biopsy, cholangiography.

Educational clinic center is a multi-field clinic which gives highly specialized medical assistance. The Center also plays a crucial role while leading scientific research, training future doctors and giving advanced training to practicing specialists. Center main activities directions are otorhinolaryngology, including otorhinosurgery, ophthalmology, arythmology, cardiology. The rooms of outpatient surgery, obstetrician-gynecologist, ophthalmologist, otorhinolaryngologyst, neuropathist and urologist are also working there. Gynaecological oncologist, breast physician, allergologist these rare specialists are also consulting clients of the Center.

Diagnostic process, treating and consultant assistance are being given in tune with international standards and contemporary technologies, thanks to implementation of which it is possible to have some very informative diagnostic research.

Dentistry Institute was created by KazNMU Rector order, based on the decision of University Academic Council.

The institute was found in order to meet society needs for skilled workers with higher education and scientific-pedagogical personnel of higher qualification in the field of dentistry, dental science development, the formation of high-quality training that meets international standards, creating a flexible and efficient system for providing education, consulting and other services for interested businesses and individuals in the field of dentistry, the development of international and interregional cooperation in education, applied and basic research in the field of dentistry.

The main institute activities are the implementation of educational programs of higher education, as well as educational programs, postgraduate education in the field “Dentistry” and “Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery”, the implementation of training, retraining and skills development in the area of dental practice, cooperation of foreign universities leading training in areas of training (specialization) of institute, conducing basic and applied research in the field of dentistry and applied surgery, increasing the real value and image of the Institute and University in the social and cultural environment of the region by conducting educational, scientific methods, advertising, volunteering, teaching and research students of the Instititute.

Dentistry Institute is the part of the University, carrying out educational, scientific, methodical, administrative and socio-cultural activities.

9 models of Dentistry Institute structure:

  • Propaedeutics Dentistry module
  • Propaedeutics of Dental Surgery module
  • Propaedeutics Prosthodontics module
  • Propaedeutics Dentistry Childhood module
  • Dentistry module
  • Dental Surgery module
  • Module of Prosthodontics
  • Pediatric Dentistry module
  • Orthodontic module

Management team of Dentistry Institute faculty performed four research themes for the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. Innovative methods of diagnosis and treatment of various orthopedic defects of dentition;
  2. Clinical and laboratory study of herbal medicines in the treatment and prevention of periodontal disease and oral mucosa;
  3. Cellular technology in dental implantation;
  4. Development of an anti-aging model active in ensuring longevity of elderly people in Kazakhstan.