An open letter to world leaders


In his articles «Keys Out of Crisis» and «The Fifth Way,» Kazakhstan’s President NursultanNazarbayev has noted that the beginning of the 21st Century, rather than ushering in an improved world order, has been full of threats and challenges. Taken together, the threats and challenges have produced nothing less than a crisis of civilization. The crisis has been systemic, since it has happened simultaneously on many fronts, including the industrial, energy, environmental, food, social and even politico-military fronts.

The global financial crisis, which arose from defects in the international economic system, underlies all the other crises. And the consequences will continue as long as we fail to tackle the root causes of the global financial problem.

Events have shown that the existing framework for generating dialogue about global financial shortcomings has been ineffective, frustrating humanity’s hopes for a better system.

No one has come up with a unified global anti-crisis plan. Meanwhile, the cosmetic measures that have been put in place have failed to spare the world from a growing wave of crisis. We need new forms of discussion that can produce proposals different from those generated by the current platforms for addressing global problems.

The global crisis that continues to affect many countries and continents is a phenomenon that mankind has never seen before. We need an innovative approach for analyzing, understanding and overcoming it – an approach that takes a fresh look at all the old dogmas and stereotypes.

In this difficult situation, the world needs new ideas that will allow people and countries to overcome today’s long, painful recession.

President Nazarbayev’s G-Global initiative is the best hope yet for generating those new ideas.

The president proposed a radically new format for discussing, and seeking solutions for, the world’s economic and political problems.

It involved creating a virtual network where intellectuals from across the globe could engage in a dialogue based on the principles of democracy and open access. The hope was that the online platform would generate solutions to a broad range of issues affecting our future.

The innovative G-Global website that arose from the president’s proposal offers international experts an opportunity to engage in an open, public and interactive debate on socio-economic, political, cultural, demographic and many other issues.

We must work together to promote world peace and values ​​that enhance humanity through an open and constructive dialogue, based on the five principles of G-Global: «Evolution, not revolution,» «Justice, equality and consensus,» «Global tolerance and trust,» «Global transparency” and “Constructive multi-polarity.”

Our goal is not just to see the world survive in a surge of change, but to see it develop, to strengthen its peoples’ achievements and to expand their capabilities.

Therefore, we – a number of professors and students at Republic of Kazakhstan– announce the establishment of an International G-Global Movement.

We encourage young people from around the world, and all those who care about the fate of humanity, to support our initiative, using all of the informational and communicative possibilities of the G-Global online platform.

Young people, as society’s most progressive and ambitious group, will be able to handle this responsibility, we are certain.

We invite everyone to join us, to contribute their knowledge and skills for the benefit of all humankind, to make every effort to solve the challenges of the new millennium.

Our future is in our hands. And we must take it seriously.

Youth team of Kazakhstan