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Graduate model Program passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines


ON1.  Apply the skills of planning, conducting and interpreting clinical (phenotypic), genetic, laboratory, instrumental examinations to provide medical and genetic care in relation to a specific clinical situation
ON2. Conduct differential diagnosis and formulate a diagnosis in accordance with modern classifications.
ON3. Choose a safe and effective treatment based on the principles of evidence-based medicine, taking into account potential risks, predict the outcome of the disease and its complications, conduct preventive measures.
ON4.  To act within the legal and organizational field of the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to draw up and maintain medical accounting and reporting documents, to conduct an examination of the quality of medical care.
ON5. Effectively interact with patients, their environment, colleagues, including multidisciplinary and interprofessional teams, in order to achieve the best results for the patient.
ON6.  Formulate research questions, effectively use international databases in everyday activities, analyze the obtained scientific data, summarize them, draw conclusions and apply the results in their clinical practice, participate in conferences and other forms of continuous professional development.