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Compulsory subjects:

Defects of tooth crowns

Number of credits – 34
The discipline forms knowledge and practical skills of examination with a crown defect, diagnostics, planning of prosthetic treatment with fixed structures (micro-prostheses, crowns); production of temporary prostheses (non-removable, splints), local anesthesia, emergency care for life-threatening conditions at an appointment; motivation of patients to care for prostheses.

Defects in the maxillofacial region

Number of credits – 32
The discipline forms the clinical thinking of examining with maxillofacial pathology resulting from injuries, wounds, surgical interventions, neoplasms; diagnostics, prosthetic treatment with maxillofacial prostheses, based on implants; motivation to care for prostheses; effective interaction with patients, health professionals to achieve the best results for the patient.

Full edentulous of jaws

Number of credits – 32
The discipline forms knowledge and skills of examination with complete absence of teeth, diagnostics; prosthetic treatment with full removable prostheses, based on implants; monitoring until full adaptation and repair of prostheses. Improves communication skills, medical records management, search and critical evaluation of information in modern information databases.

Partial edentulous of jaws

Number of credits – 34
Discipline forms clinical reasoning examination with a defect of dentition, diagnosis, preliminary preparation for prosthetics, prosthetic treatment of various structures (bridges, partial dentures, with a support on implants) dentures; temporary (provisional, immediat) dentures (fixed, removable) and repair of dentures; training in the care of denture constructions.