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Graduate model Program passport Compulsory disciplines Elective disciplines


ON1. Independently plan and conduct a survey to identify diseases prosthetic profile and formulate a clinical diagnosis;

ON2. To interact effectively with patient, his environment, the medical staff, experts from the dental and interprofessional team to assess potential risks and achieve the best patient outcomes;

ON3. Independently conduct preliminary preparation of the mouth for prosthetics and to choose a method of treatment and the prosthesis;

ON4. Independently perform local anesthesia at the stages of prosthetic treatment, taking into account the indications and contraindications;

ON5. Independently plan and conduct prosthetic treatment with various structures (micro-prostheses, crowns, bridges, partial or full removable prostheses, splinting structures, maxillofacial prostheses, based on implants) and evaluate its effectiveness based on evidence-based practice.

ON6. Independently plan and manufacture temporary (medical, immediate) prostheses (non-removable, removable, splints) and repair the prostheses;

ON7. Perform dynamic monitoring of the patient until full adaptation to the dental structure;

ON8. Form a strong motivation in patients to care for prostheses, preserve dental health and give up bad habits that affect the state of organs and tissues of the oral cavity;

ON9. Independently provide emergency care for emergency conditions in the oral cavity and maxillofacial area and basic medical care for the development of life-threatening conditions at the dental reception in emergency situations;

ON10. Use information and communication and digital technologies at the stages of diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases, maintaining medical records, searching for and critically evaluating new information in medical information systems and databases;

ON11. Implement the basic principles of management, marketing, medical audit, and medical insurance within the legal and organizational framework of the healthcare system of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the practice of a dentist-orthopedist;

ON12. Train independently and train other members of the professional team, actively participate in discussions, conferences, and other forms of continuous professional development.